The Company has developed EGLOBUZ portal, which can generate new Employment /earning opportunities for those vendors who are educated yet not earning anything or those who want to increase their earning. As of today small or big retailers were selling the products of their own shop only and to increase their range of product was a costly affair for them which involves various other cumbersome parameters like different tie up, approval, risk etc. But with the introduction of this concept of EGLOBUZ, the vendors will be able to sell the products and services of other vendors too at no additional expense and with full product range.

Vendor or EGLOBUZ agent can run many businesses simultaneously on just one device with their existing business or can start a new business and earn smartly. It will provide the following services primarily which will be increased to other popular segments prevalent online along with 100% cashback/ reward and various other cashback/ reward options offered by Globuzzcation metier endeavour pvt. Ltd: